Civil War

A view into life during the Civil War via personal letters, documents and photographs detailing battles, homefront activities and the fight to end slavery in the United States.

A significant portion of the library’s Civil War era material comes from the Illinois Department of the Grand Army of the Republic, including weaponry and Lincolniana.

Complementing the GAR material are items in the Harsh Research Collection’s Philip David Sang Collection pertaining to the African American experience during the Civil War era.

Digital Collections

Collections include:
Civil War: Wayne Whalen Digital Archive of the Grand Army of the Republic and Civil War Collections
Camp equipment, weaponry and uniforms used on the homefront and the battlefield.
Philip David Sang Collection
The Philip David Sang Collection contains unpublished and published works and ephemera united by its focus on the struggle of Africans and African Americans through the Middle Passage to the Civil Rights movement. A number of documents in the collection were created during the Civil War.